Sleep Advice Technologies


"Anti-sleep Wearable Assistant Knowledge-Enabled"


The AWAKE project focuses on the design, development, realisation and validation, in a realistic operating environment, of a production intent wearable connected device for the real-time Drowsiness Onset Detection (DOD) and the Sleep Onset Prediction (SOP).

The proposed system integration experiment, run in tight cooperation with a leading IoT and info-telematic industrial partner, will accelerate the development process toward the most effective technological transfer into a successful mass market product.

The AWAKE project at a glance

The validation of the smart wearable sensor will be accomplished in the most realistic conditions such as on the Dynamic Vehicle Simulator (AVL) and according to a rigorous scientific approach (i.e. R-MWT) thanks to the support of sleep expert medical doctors.

An experimental activity will be carried out in cooperation with a partner leader in transport and logistics (i.e. Chrono Express Srl) involving professional truck driver and a truck fleet.

The proposed wearable device will be characterized by a high technology readiness level (TRL7), being substantially ready for the qualification tests. The target market will be, at the beginning, fleet management and logistics business (SOP Q3/2021).